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doom metal up in this diner

I’m at an all-night diner, working on an op-ed about currency manipulation. it’s almost midnight.

this place is okay. it’s a little loud in here, and I hadn’t planned for that. a miscalculation on my part; I figured 11 pm on a Monday this place would be quiet and thinned out. but I guess I’m a dummy, because there were a ton of people here earlier and the bar (the place also has a bar) was bumping.

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I got half-drunk at a hotel bar in Fresno tonight

but only half drunk.

ten hours earlier: I’m flying.

I’m flying as I write, right now, on a connection to Fresno, California. I’m writing this on a half-page Morgan Stanley ad, deep inside in today’s edition of the Washington Post that I bought this morning at the airport terminal in DC. I’ve read through the whole damn edition. and then I got a bug to write, so I busted out a pen and started writing on the only paper (in this case, an actual newspaper) at hand. I’ll type it up later.

I’ll write on anything. I’ve got notes everywhere. and I’m flying to Fresno.

I have never been to Fresno. I’ve shared my travel plans with a dozen or so people in conversation over the past month.

“I’m going to Fresno,” I say. “for work.” and I’ve gotten two responses. they are:

“you’re going to Fresno? In California?” and “dude. Fresno sucks.”

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bad movies

Before I get to typing: Holy smokes, but how about this Edward Snowden character? Check your six, bud. Thanks for the greatest week of national security news in the last few years.

Lets get to typing

Yes, lets! Yesterday, I dug The Good, the Bad and the Ugly on DVD out of a bargain bin at a Best Buy. And I bought it, naturally.

See, I rode my bike up to a sporting goods store to buy socks, and there’s a Best Buy right next door. Whenever I find myself within 100 yards of that Best Buy and having purchased some sort of material good – anything, gum, you name it — I always think to myself:

“While I’m here: Why not go to Best Buy and dig through the bargain bin for a movie?

“Treat yourself right.

“It’s been a long week.

“You’ve earned it.”

And usually I haven’t. It’s been just any other week, you understand. But it’s this kind of thinking that’s gained me copies of Beetlejuice and Enter the Dragon.

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measures of success

I promised myself I would get some sleep tonight, and I’m failing myself, really just failing myself. I was going to go running tomorrow morning before work but I don’t see it happening.
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I made a resolution

today is my birthday.
I honestly don’t give a shit. honest, bro. I didn’t do anything last year, save go for a bike ride. I rode my bike down to Hains Point and I brought a book. I got there, read for about half an hour, marveled at the juxtaposition of the beautiful scenery and the garbage floating in the water, and watched the planes take off and land at National across the river. then I rode home. and poof, there it went. I was 29.
and so here is 30.

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draft lost

I recently wrote a story about a day in the life of a man who volunteers to be a participant in one of those world’s biggest gang bang pornos. I recently wrote this story, and I’ve lost the draft. it is, poof, gone.

technical computer error. I deleted my only copy. that’s some dumb shit! and it’s probably best this way, that I didn’t finish writing it and try to publish it. but it’s a shame, really.

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Yukon ho

I have streaming movies on the television here. thank god for streaming movies … they have every series of Star Trek available on Netflix. every series! I can’t get over that shit. this is a lot of trekking.

so: I took a picture of the litter on my coffee table the other day. it came okay. that’s a postcard of Salvation Mountain, another of the Indiana dunes, the masthead of the Post, and one of many Calvin and Hobbes books in my apartment. I ended up with a lot of Calvin and Hobbes books after the holidays. it just kinda happened. yes, that’s right. Yukon ho!


Salvation Mountain is something else.

kitchen table

did you have a good Christmas? I had a pretty good one. I did a lot of hanging out at my mom’s house in Valparaiso. below is a typical scene from the kitchen table, late at night. everybody at mom’s house stays up late; grandma the latest. she’s big on solitaire.

play solitaire. drink some coffee.

play a little solitaire. drink a little coffee. read about Wal-Mart.

last evening I went with my mother to the movies. we saw Les Miserables. screen actors Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe belting out the hits! what a world we live in.

and then afterward, I hung out with a couple of buds from high school. we wrapped up the night watching reruns of To Catch a Predator. this is the show where they bait sad, lonely pedophiles into setting up dates with minors online, film them being confronted with their X-rated chat transcripts, and then send in a juiced-up squad of cops for a swarming, physical takedown. this is what passes for entertainment these days! you love it.

it has been a good trip, but it’s time to go. so goodbye for now, Indiana! I have to jet. but I will see you again soon.

here’s a picture of me with the Langs’ rabbit

yes sir, there it is.