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I’m home sick with a sore throat.

Q: My son is 13. After I caught him with porn on his smartphone, I replaced it with a dumb phone and limited his access to the internet at home. We have talked about desensitization and the oppression of women that occurs with porn. Yet the hormones rage on. He has asked me to buy him a Playboy. I need to play this right. I want him to come to me to talk about sex, but a mom buying her son porn doesn’t seem okay. If I don’t buy him a magazine, he will seek porn on the non-parent-regulated internet. If I do purchase porn for him, doesn’t that just encourage him to walk the path of porn?

– Baffled By Teenaged Boys

A: If your son wants old-fashioned, preinternet porn—do they still publish Playboy?—he can acquire it in the old-fashioned, preinternet manner: He can get his ass to a bodega or a convenience store or a truck stop and steal some porn mags. My brothers and I learned important life lessons shoplifting porn when we were your son’s age: to be watchful, to seize opportunities, and to run like hell.

Dan Savage writes an advice column. it’s great stuff, and the first thing I look for when I pick up a copy of the Washington City Paper.