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Walmart op-ed on the way


work has asked me to write an op-ed about Walmart, that company we all grew up with that is presently hosting a “manufacturing summit” with a bunch of right-to-work state governors and people like Jeffrey Immelt.

op-ed about Walmart? can do! so I went and got my favorite book of the last year from the library.

years-old single that’ll provide the soundtrack to writing this screed: Sprawl II by Arcade Fire. it is fitting!


makes good soup

I enjoy a good collage

I enjoy a good collage

Grandma brought a small container of Vegeta in her luggage for me when she visited last week, “so (I) can put it in soup.” This is wise counsel and a thoughtful gift. Vegeta can really can a soup going. It was a nice visit.

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astute political analysis

Lord I’m discouraged (about the economy)

President Obama gave another speech on the economy today. He gave one in Illinois last week, which was what I’ve heard called a “framing speech” — or more precisely, a pile of rhetoric and bullshit and blaming Republican congressional leaders for obstructionism and a laser-like focus on the federal debt — but he didn’t offer anything new in the way of policy.

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here is some BS about a door frame

I haven’t written anything on here in a while, and when that happens, oh man. I always get to thinking:

is this it? is this the end of the blog?

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draft lost

I recently wrote a story about a day in the life of a man who volunteers to be a participant in one of those world’s biggest gang bang pornos. I recently wrote this story, and I’ve lost the draft. it is, poof, gone.

technical computer error. I deleted my only copy. that’s some dumb shit! and it’s probably best this way, that I didn’t finish writing it and try to publish it. but it’s a shame, really.

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