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I lost the remote to the Apple TV. Dang!

I dug around for it a while last night, to no avail. It is legitimately Lost with a capital L. I’m sure I’ll find it sooner or later. But I got some good use out of it while the remote was available; the last thing I watched on the tube before this technological setback was Dredd, which is the latest take on the long-running British comic Judge Dredd. It is really violent, which might not, you know, float your boat. But if that’s not a problem for you, I recommend it. As far as violent, comic book-based action movies go, you could do a whole lot worse.

But the reason I bring Dredd up is to mention its slick soundtrack, and specifically its use of a Justin Bieber song that’s been slowed way, way down. I first listened to Bieber’s original track, U Smile, for context, but you can skip over that terrible bullshit and just listen to this for a wonderful, ethereal 35 minutes. I would pay good money to see Justin Bieber perform this to an arena full of screaming teenage girls. Yes sir, I would.

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Walmart op-ed on the way


work has asked me to write an op-ed about Walmart, that company we all grew up with that is presently hosting a “manufacturing summit” with a bunch of right-to-work state governors and people like Jeffrey Immelt.

op-ed about Walmart? can do! so I went and got my favorite book of the last year from the library.

years-old single that’ll provide the soundtrack to writing this screed: Sprawl II by Arcade Fire. it is fitting!

hold spoons

I started running again a week or two ago after taking nearly a year off. a year! man.

I’ve never been a particularly fast runner and, after the back pain that caused my layoff, I might not be capable of a marathon again. but! I’m capable of being a steady runner.

so that’s what I’ll do, I’ll stay steady. I read somewhere that the bushmen of the Kalahari practice what’s called persistence hunting, where they slowly run down prey. they nag and chase antelopes for hours in 100-degree heat, until the antelope is exhausted. then they kill it and eat it. probably cool off with a Gatorade or what have you.

that seems like a good, practical skill to have.

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