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I lost the remote to the Apple TV. Dang!

I dug around for it a while last night, to no avail. It is legitimately Lost with a capital L. I’m sure I’ll find it sooner or later. But I got some good use out of it while the remote was available; the last thing I watched on the tube before this technological setback was Dredd, which is the latest take on the long-running British comic Judge Dredd. It is really violent, which might not, you know, float your boat. But if that’s not a problem for you, I recommend it. As far as violent, comic book-based action movies go, you could do a whole lot worse.

But the reason I bring Dredd up is to mention its slick soundtrack, and specifically its use of a Justin Bieber song that’s been slowed way, way down. I first listened to Bieber’s original track, U Smile, for context, but you can skip over that terrible bullshit and just listen to this for a wonderful, ethereal 35 minutes. I would pay good money to see Justin Bieber perform this to an arena full of screaming teenage girls. Yes sir, I would.

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doom metal up in this diner

I’m at an all-night diner, working on an op-ed about currency manipulation. it’s almost midnight.

this place is okay. it’s a little loud in here, and I hadn’t planned for that. a miscalculation on my part; I figured 11 pm on a Monday this place would be quiet and thinned out. but I guess I’m a dummy, because there were a ton of people here earlier and the bar (the place also has a bar) was bumping.

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measures of success

I promised myself I would get some sleep tonight, and I’m failing myself, really just failing myself. I was going to go running tomorrow morning before work but I don’t see it happening.
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the fridge

I’m still listening to this Dust album.

no, that’s a lie! a damn lie. only seven words in, and I’m already lying. I’m only listening to a particular song from this Dust album. I happen to think it’s the best track, is all.

that opinion has definitely been affected by an early presentation; I originally heard this tune at a record store a few weeks ago, and I went home and looked it up, and what’s the first thing I found? this video. a dreamer, some savant with a decent amount of time on their hands, took a Dust song and laid it over a scene from Vercingétorix, a French movie about the eponymous historical chieftain who, after leading a Gallic revolt, has to give it up to occupying Roman legions in 52 BC.

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I have terrible taste in music

that’s what everybody says, anyway. but I’m calling bullshit. I’m calling it! no. despite my documented enthusiasm for punk rock, I’ve got great taste in music, you don’t even know. for instance: at one point, I had the entire Bjork catalog (best album: Debut). and that’s classy! everyone likes Bjork. what kind of person doesn’t like Bjork? assholes, that’s who.

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the Bears lost in December again

I just watched the Bears lose in stupendous fashion to their rival Green Bay on my little computer here. their eighth loss to the Packers in their last nine attempts. and their loss was terrible and awesome.

they went up early. and then they went down fast. and then they were hopelessly incompetent on offense in the second half, but they played some solid D and stayed in the game. and then, ultimately, they lost, in a flurry of offensive pass interference penalties and last-gasp hail marys. and it was legit.

keep on heading through the woods, man

keep on heading through the woods, man

a big chunk of America watches football, but something tells me that you aren’t especially a fan. I think this is a good thing; I’m telling you, staying away from this bullshit will save you a lot of grief.

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we are rooting for you: holiday letter 2012

you know what’s a good song? “everybody needs somebody to love” as sung by Solomon Burke. Solomon Burke used to perform while seated on a throne that he’d have placed on stage with him. Solomon Burke passed away in 2010. Solomon Burke was the man.

but I digress. the family Christmas letter is complete! please check it out below:

Season’s greetings from the McMullans!

merry xmas

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it is raining like a son of a bitch outside right now. my living room window faces west, and that seems to be where the wind’s coming from, and the rain is coming with it. and it is howling.

I walked down the 7-Eleven to stock up on essentials — potato chips, beer, newspapers. it’s only a block or two from here, but I got pretty soaked all the same. I hope that this will be the extent of my hurricane adventure, walking to 7-Eleven. but considering the forecast, I kind of expect to lose power. which would suck. and to think, I drove back into this horseshit on purpose.

I took, ahem, a driving tour of West Virginia this weekend. I had few plans. except I knew I was aiming for a family friend’s home south of Charleston.

this is a hike from DC. there are no straight shots from here to Charleston, and there are many hills. if you get on the interstate and hustle, you can get out there in about six hours. more like seven, though, if you drive like I do. but I’m not exactly on a time frame here for the next week or so, or at least not a terribly strict one. which, I’ll acknowledge, is all just a long way of saying “fuck the interstate.”

yes, fuck it. we’re laying down those kinds of statements here.

the plan was to stay a day or two with the family friend and then wander south, find a state park, and wander around some more. but the weather didn’t cooperate, and now here I am, back in my apartment. I’ve got the shades all the way up, and I’ve killed a pot of coffee. I’m on kung fu movie number two, and I’m listening to 69 Love Songs by the Magnetic Fields. there are a lot of songs on this album, you’re right, but me and the rest of the east coast has the time today. and after all, the power might be out soon. hell, it probably will be. which, I’ll acknowledge, is a convoluted way of saying “I don’t need an excuse, goddamn it.”

the Magnetic Fields play the sun goes down and the world goes dancing

this album came out over a decade ago, but it is news to me. I keep on telling you, I am not hep. I have no idea what the kids like, though I’m pretty sure it was never this album, 69 Love Songs. the lyrics are too ambiguous, but spoken too clearly. this shit is weird. and I like it. even the bad songs are catchy.

I found this in a friend’s CD collection that he passed along to me. two big books of them, a walk through the partial soundtrack to his life. they ride around with me in the truck, and so me and the truck and these books drove into West Virginia.

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punk rock turned me into a romantic

I was at a bar with friends late on Saturday night, and it had a jukebox.

oh man, I love jukeboxes.

if I have five bucks, and you are a jukebox, my money is yours. but this particular jukebox was … a tough out. it had high walls. dared its challengers. loaded with stuff I hadn’t heard before.

I’d be interested to hear the thirty-second spiel from the bartender as to why the music machine was full of albums not easily accessible. I think I know the answer, and it’s what I would have done, too, had I that kind of terrible authority: they have stocked it with the shit they want to listen to. there is no party in the USA. the Pharmacy Bar is running a despotism. this is their prerogative.

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candy nostalgia

I keep a bag of Werther’s candies in my desk.

I just popped one; I didn’t even take my goddamn eyes off the computer screen. the motion of doing so has been engrained. pick up my right hand, drop it to my side, feel for the drawer grip, pull, dig inside, locate bag, extract single piece of candy, unwrap, partake. that’s execution.

it seems that, whenever my affection for this candy comes up — and it has once or twice in the last few months, usually when I’m walking back from CVS with a fresh bag of these dressed-up dollops of corn syrup — the observation is made: my grandmother used to have these all the time!

yeah, mine did too.

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