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poor ol Mark Sanford

I heard this song tonight. kinda catchy.

Al Franken is now the senator from Minnesota, after the state’s supreme court ruled unanimously in his favor in his court battle against one-term incumbent Norm Coleman.
make note. when Stuart Smalley enters the capital six months late, there will be 60 Democrats in the US Senate. that’s, yes, a filibuster-proof majority, but if the Democrats are able to successfully hold together the entire caucus to defeat such a challenge, I’d be surprised.
I wanna see a Mr Smith filibuster. maybe it’ll come in opposition to the energy bill. or to whatever version of massive labor legislation that is making the US Chamber of Commerce shit its pants. when was the last time a filibuster took place? aren’t these senatorial comets? things that exist, and pass in the night, so rarely?

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here’s a picture of me with the Langs’ rabbit

yes sir, there it is.