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Holiday letter 2013: We hate the Cuse zone


December 2013

Seasons Greeting to All!

’Tis the season to be jolly and grateful for all we have; good family, our health, and a job.  We’ll keep this letter short, because no one reads long messages these days. You know as much because look how popular the Twitter has become.

We feel so fortunate to have four generations of family around, from tiny tots Anna and Catherine; to their dad, Michael; to his mom, Valerie; on up to Grandma Mary. She marked 93 years in September with a family celebration and her annual trip to the Iliana Motor Speedway for its Potato Gun Rally Night, and notes that all three of her own kids have reached “Medicare Age” (twins William and Val became eligible for the dole this year).

Valerie has spent her newly disposable income on the American passenger rail system. In 2013 she and grandma completed three round trips on the Capital Limited, from South Bend to DC, in order to check on the young folks. Here’s the report: Michael and Virginia and their kids are settled into their new place near the DC ball park, and likewise middle-child Matt has been in Washington going on four years, where he has tentatively conquered a crippling internet pornography addiction.


But Mary Claire’s June 22 wedding to David N of Scranton, Pennsylvania, was the highlight of the year. A bridesmaid luncheon, bridal showers, and plenty of home renovations all lead up to the wonderful event held in and around Valparaiso … after which Grandma Mary and Valerie just cold chilled, rolled a few, and didn’t do much of anything for a few weeks.  Newlyweds Dave and Mary, meanwhile, are doing well. Dave is in his second year of studies for his higher ed PhD at Michigan State, and Mary Claire is a librarian at Pike Township schools in Indianapolis.

All of the IU fans — including alums Valerie, her dark twin and new Florida resident William, Matt, and Mary Claire — had high hopes up for a Hoosier campaign deep into the 2013 NCAA basketball tourney. That didn’t work out because of Syracuse’s 2-3 zone D. Though we hate that 2-3 zone, we kept the histrionics at a minimum because new son-in-law Dave is a Syracuse grad. And who knows? Maybe the team will go further this year!

We sure hope so! And if they do, you can bet you’ll hear about it in next year’s letter.

Happy holidays,

Grandma Mary Drozda and Valerie McMullan


we are rooting for you: holiday letter 2012

you know what’s a good song? “everybody needs somebody to love” as sung by Solomon Burke. Solomon Burke used to perform while seated on a throne that he’d have placed on stage with him. Solomon Burke passed away in 2010. Solomon Burke was the man.

but I digress. the family Christmas letter is complete! please check it out below:

Season’s greetings from the McMullans!

merry xmas

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holiday letter prep

my new employer has loaded me up with a new iPhone.

how do you stylize this? iPhone, that’s how Apple does it, I think. Iphone? IPHONE. oh, hell, could be anything. let’s just consult the AP stylebook, which is kind of like a religious text in the world of grammar.

… and the AP stylebook — I’ve got my copy right here — says, “iPhone. … Use IPhone when the word starts a sentence or a headline.” well, okay. that sounds good to me.

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xmas letter 2011: it’s the most wonderful time of the year

Friends and family, coast to coast: The McMullans wish you Feliz Navidad!

The new millennium is in its ‘tweens, and 2011 is coming to a close. Just like our own childhoods, it was an awkward year, one of character-building experiences for the US of A; Someone pulled out a can of Mace at a California Walmart during a Black Friday shopping frenzy. But, against all odds, Hollywood managed to churn out a halfway decent “Planet of the Apes” reboot. See? That’s American resolve. There’s hope for all of us yet.

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they’ll bury Bob Knight a bitter man

I got “Bridge on the River Kwai” going.

it’s too quiet in this place. and I need some new movies. no disrespect to Sir Alec Guinness and company, of course. it just is what it is. honest to god, I associate him with this movie before I think of “Star Wars.”

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the holidays are upon us

Season’s Greetings!

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happy holidays

edited edited edited

xmas letter 2009

Season’s Greetings!

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holiday letter for ashley

Season’s greetings!!!! A year has passed, and so much has happened! Everyone is a bit longer in the tooth, has grown a little grayer, but time is nothing to worry about; in this family, we all age like fine wine. But there’s so much to cover this year, let’s skip the formalities. On to the updates!

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you don’t want to know how I feel about that

it has become somewhat of a tradition in the family that I write the chintzy, asshole Christmas letter that mom mails out once a year. which is fun, cause mom has a really good sense of humor about it, and I’m allowed to write just about whatever I want. within reason. of course.

its growing harder to write, as I really don’t know what’s going on with everyone on a daily basis anymore. I’m no longer a regular Valparaiso fixture, so a lot of the stuff I add about moms and grandma and my uncle is second hand. so their entries suffer a little. nevertheless, it’s still entertaining. enough that I’m preserving it here, in eternal WordPress memory.

so, here it is, sans last names. got to make a halfhearted attempt at privacy, after all.

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