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calvins mom

Calvin and Hobbes, the best goddamn comic strip in the world after Beetle Bailey, always bore a real strong anti-consumerism streak. Calvin would often lament about environmentalism and rail against insidious advertising via soliloquies … which were as funny as they were thoughtful, as they were pouring from the character of a six-year-old with an active imagination. But his parents would delve in too, occasionally, as shown above. I guess Calvin had to learn it somewhere.

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you’re still okay in my book, Charlie Brown

the other night I found myself in a conversation that touched on astronomy.

for as much as I like science fiction, I really don’t know much about astronomy. I recognize those subjects don’t necessarily go hand in hand, but all the same I think that’s telling.

anyway, I digress. Jupiter brought it up. Jupiter was very high in the sky early this week, and the sky was clear on Monday night. and there it was, a very bright dot right next to the moon, almost straight up above. I had to lean out of my window to see it. and it was something else!

and so I found myself saying, “I don’t know the first thing about astrology.” but I had misspoken. “or astronomy, I mean. or either.” and this is true.

and then I was saying, “I’d like to know more about both, though.” but this is not true, upon reflection! I had opened my mouth, and this terrible lie had fallen out. so I have to take responsibility for this.

because, what the hell was I talking about? I have a deep skepticism of astrology borne of experience! professional experience. professional astrological experience …

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my shirt’s been inside out, all day

I read this slick article about the changing political landscape in the Washington Post. man, have I been cheerleading for the Post recently.

“There is a realignment going on here. It’s a long-term shift that has to do with the economic decline in some areas in the modern economy,” said Larry Bartels, a political scientist at Princeton University.

the article goes on to suggest that the Democrats increasingly will not represent labor and the poor. to be honest, I can’t imagine the Democrats without labor. who the fuck would the party be for? the upper middle class, and twentysomethings with liberal arts degrees? I can barely hold a job! we can’t support shit!