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I’m covered in poison ivy

Dude. I’m covered in poison ivy right now.

I guess technically I’m covered in a poison ivy rash, but you understand me. And I have no idea where I picked it up. I first noticed a little splotch on Monday, but I took no precautions because where in the hell would I have gotten poison ivy? I had been hermetically sealed in an office building for three days. Did someone come in and rub poison ivy leaves underneath my shirt as I slept?

Who would do something like that? Do we have a madman on our hands? Watch out, Missouri.

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I should have gotten a monocle

It is hot as a mug out. It’s what, 90 degrees? Holy smokes. Summer is here. I’m sitting at your favorite coffee shop again, watching through the window as warm-looking people walk in the warm air. Once I get up from here I’m getting on the bike and riding somewhere through this soup. Not sure where, yet. But keep your fingers crossed I don’t bust a flat! Your good vibes will count.

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Mar got engaged

almost 2013. hold on tight!

I was the plus-one at a wedding in Miami this weekend. pretty cool wedding, pretty cool town. I had fun. I took a lot of terrible, blurry pictures in poor light, but I will share one, just one, that I thought came out okay. and speaking of weddings …

Mar is gonna tie the knot, bros

Mar is gonna tie the knot, bros!

Miami was where I learned that my sister, Mary, got engaged to longtime boyfriend Dave. what are we at, four years? that sounds right.

anyway, this is legit. Dave is a good guy. example: mom calls him Dave-master, a play off of her longtime pet name for me, dude-master.

now, I really don’t like these handles. I think they make mom appear affected when she uses them, and despite my protestations they’ve proven quite sticky. but! the extension of the -master tag proved that a) the fam is on board and b) so is Dave, because he’s borne his oddball moniker like a damn champ. well-borne, Dave.

so! congratulations, Mar and Dave. this is good news all around.

ride the rails

I took an overnight train trip from Washington DC to Indiana a few days ago!

there is something to train travel. I want to say that there’s a spirit of camraderie, or something close to it, among passengers taking an outmoded form of transportation. and though that’s definitely bullshit, I like it anyway; there’s always some sort of interesting conversation going on. for instance, consider the partially deaf guy talking to the woman seated next to him: “have you ever been to the nudist camp in Paw Paw (WV)?” or the lady missing most of her teeth who complained to a conductor about one of hs coworker’s alleged behavior: “she hit me, and she called me a pussy, sir.” that’s no way to treat a customer, Amtrak. get wise.

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