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Calvin and Hobbes, the best goddamn comic strip in the world after Beetle Bailey, always bore a real strong anti-consumerism streak. Calvin would often lament about environmentalism and rail against insidious advertising via soliloquies … which were as funny as they were thoughtful, as they were pouring from the character of a six-year-old with an active imagination. But his parents would delve in too, occasionally, as shown above. I guess Calvin had to learn it somewhere.

But then it passed; after ten years, the guy behind it said enough was enough, and that he was going to seek out a new medium. He’s largely stayed out of the public eye:

This isn’t as hard to understand as people try to make it. By the end of 10 years, I’d said pretty much everything I had come there to say.

It’s always better to leave the party early. If I had rolled along with the strip’s popularity and repeated myself for another five, 10 or 20 years, the people now “grieving” for “Calvin and Hobbes” would be wishing me dead and cursing newspapers for running tedious, ancient strips like mine instead of acquiring fresher, livelier talent. And I’d be agreeing with them.

I think some of the reason “Calvin and Hobbes” still finds an audience today is because I chose not to run the wheels off it.

I’ve never regretted stopping when I did.

Do you hear that, guy who draws Funky Winkerbean? You have stayed at the party way too late.

As a kid I’d read the comics page every morning before school, and whoever was writing Funky Winkerbean was submitting – and publishing, no less – strips that would skip punchlines altogether and instead advance a story about a character’s disintegrating marriage or recurring cancer.

Fuck that, I didn’t want to read about that while eating my Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs. So let’s see what’s going on today with my man Beet:


Hilarious, as always.


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  1. Mar on

    Calving and Hobbes is still frequently circulated at my elementary school library.

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