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I got half-drunk at a hotel bar in Fresno tonight

but only half drunk.

ten hours earlier: I’m flying.

I’m flying as I write, right now, on a connection to Fresno, California. I’m writing this on a half-page Morgan Stanley ad, deep inside in today’s edition of the Washington Post that I bought this morning at the airport terminal in DC. I’ve read through the whole damn edition. and then I got a bug to write, so I busted out a pen and started writing on the only paper (in this case, an actual newspaper) at hand. I’ll type it up later.

I’ll write on anything. I’ve got notes everywhere. and I’m flying to Fresno.

I have never been to Fresno. I’ve shared my travel plans with a dozen or so people in conversation over the past month.

“I’m going to Fresno,” I say. “for work.” and I’ve gotten two responses. they are:

“you’re going to Fresno? In California?” and “dude. Fresno sucks.”

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bad movies

Before I get to typing: Holy smokes, but how about this Edward Snowden character? Check your six, bud. Thanks for the greatest week of national security news in the last few years.

Lets get to typing

Yes, lets! Yesterday, I dug The Good, the Bad and the Ugly on DVD out of a bargain bin at a Best Buy. And I bought it, naturally.

See, I rode my bike up to a sporting goods store to buy socks, and there’s a Best Buy right next door. Whenever I find myself within 100 yards of that Best Buy and having purchased some sort of material good – anything, gum, you name it — I always think to myself:

“While I’m here: Why not go to Best Buy and dig through the bargain bin for a movie?

“Treat yourself right.

“It’s been a long week.

“You’ve earned it.”

And usually I haven’t. It’s been just any other week, you understand. But it’s this kind of thinking that’s gained me copies of Beetlejuice and Enter the Dragon.

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I should have gotten a monocle

It is hot as a mug out. It’s what, 90 degrees? Holy smokes. Summer is here. I’m sitting at your favorite coffee shop again, watching through the window as warm-looking people walk in the warm air. Once I get up from here I’m getting on the bike and riding somewhere through this soup. Not sure where, yet. But keep your fingers crossed I don’t bust a flat! Your good vibes will count.

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