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one big block quote

I’m home sick with a sore throat.

Q: My son is 13. After I caught him with porn on his smartphone, I replaced it with a dumb phone and limited his access to the internet at home. We have talked about desensitization and the oppression of women that occurs with porn. Yet the hormones rage on. He has asked me to buy him a Playboy. I need to play this right. I want him to come to me to talk about sex, but a mom buying her son porn doesn’t seem okay. If I don’t buy him a magazine, he will seek porn on the non-parent-regulated internet. If I do purchase porn for him, doesn’t that just encourage him to walk the path of porn?

– Baffled By Teenaged Boys

A: If your son wants old-fashioned, preinternet porn—do they still publish Playboy?—he can acquire it in the old-fashioned, preinternet manner: He can get his ass to a bodega or a convenience store or a truck stop and steal some porn mags. My brothers and I learned important life lessons shoplifting porn when we were your son’s age: to be watchful, to seize opportunities, and to run like hell.

Dan Savage writes an advice column. it’s great stuff, and the first thing I look for when I pick up a copy of the Washington City Paper.


measures of success

I promised myself I would get some sleep tonight, and I’m failing myself, really just failing myself. I was going to go running tomorrow morning before work but I don’t see it happening.
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the fridge

I’m still listening to this Dust album.

no, that’s a lie! a damn lie. only seven words in, and I’m already lying. I’m only listening to a particular song from this Dust album. I happen to think it’s the best track, is all.

that opinion has definitely been affected by an early presentation; I originally heard this tune at a record store a few weeks ago, and I went home and looked it up, and what’s the first thing I found? this video. a dreamer, some savant with a decent amount of time on their hands, took a Dust song and laid it over a scene from Vercingétorix, a French movie about the eponymous historical chieftain who, after leading a Gallic revolt, has to give it up to occupying Roman legions in 52 BC.

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hold spoons

I started running again a week or two ago after taking nearly a year off. a year! man.

I’ve never been a particularly fast runner and, after the back pain that caused my layoff, I might not be capable of a marathon again. but! I’m capable of being a steady runner.

so that’s what I’ll do, I’ll stay steady. I read somewhere that the bushmen of the Kalahari practice what’s called persistence hunting, where they slowly run down prey. they nag and chase antelopes for hours in 100-degree heat, until the antelope is exhausted. then they kill it and eat it. probably cool off with a Gatorade or what have you.

that seems like a good, practical skill to have.

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