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you’re still okay in my book, Charlie Brown

the other night I found myself in a conversation that touched on astronomy.

for as much as I like science fiction, I really don’t know much about astronomy. I recognize those subjects don’t necessarily go hand in hand, but all the same I think that’s telling.

anyway, I digress. Jupiter brought it up. Jupiter was very high in the sky early this week, and the sky was clear on Monday night. and there it was, a very bright dot right next to the moon, almost straight up above. I had to lean out of my window to see it. and it was something else!

and so I found myself saying, “I don’t know the first thing about astrology.” but I had misspoken. “or astronomy, I mean. or either.” and this is true.

and then I was saying, “I’d like to know more about both, though.” but this is not true, upon reflection! I had opened my mouth, and this terrible lie had fallen out. so I have to take responsibility for this.

because, what the hell was I talking about? I have a deep skepticism of astrology borne of experience! professional experience. professional astrological experience …

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write headlines

I am watching a movie. Battle Beyond the Stars. it was released in 1980, and it kinda combines Dune, Star Wars and The Magnificent Seven. it stars no one I’ve ever heard of, and the inimitable Robert Vaughn — who was in The Magnificent Seven, as a matter of fact! how about that.

now, I know what you’re thinking: with a recipe like that, this flick must be great, right? it must be. well that’s what I thought, too. but oh, if only that were so.

because no. it is terrible, and that’s a bummer. what the hell is Robert Vaughn doing here anyway? I kind of assumed that the man fell on hard times — he even turned up doing television spots for an ambulance chaser a few years back — but I didn’t know he was slumming as far back as the early eighties. it could be that I’m not as caught up on Robert Vaughn’s filmography as I would have believed. so please forgive me. there’s only so much time in the day.

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draft lost

I recently wrote a story about a day in the life of a man who volunteers to be a participant in one of those world’s biggest gang bang pornos. I recently wrote this story, and I’ve lost the draft. it is, poof, gone.

technical computer error. I deleted my only copy. that’s some dumb shit! and it’s probably best this way, that I didn’t finish writing it and try to publish it. but it’s a shame, really.

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Yukon ho

I have streaming movies on the television here. thank god for streaming movies … they have every series of Star Trek available on Netflix. every series! I can’t get over that shit. this is a lot of trekking.

so: I took a picture of the litter on my coffee table the other day. it came okay. that’s a postcard of Salvation Mountain, another of the Indiana dunes, the masthead of the Post, and one of many Calvin and Hobbes books in my apartment. I ended up with a lot of Calvin and Hobbes books after the holidays. it just kinda happened. yes, that’s right. Yukon ho!


Salvation Mountain is something else.

I have terrible taste in music

that’s what everybody says, anyway. but I’m calling bullshit. I’m calling it! no. despite my documented enthusiasm for punk rock, I’ve got great taste in music, you don’t even know. for instance: at one point, I had the entire Bjork catalog (best album: Debut). and that’s classy! everyone likes Bjork. what kind of person doesn’t like Bjork? assholes, that’s who.

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