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I wrote a primer on the fiscal cliff

I got the radio going. that’s one of the perks of being a record-player owner: you also gain command of the am/fm airwaves. a radio is built right into the record player. can you grasp this? I have harnessed a powerful technology, and should be counted among a rare breed.

so on the radio is … public radio, NPR. they’re doing the nightly news roundup, and they’re talking about the lame duck Congress’ dealmaking in an effort to avoid the “fiscal cliff.”

do you know about this, this fiscal cliff? do you follow politics? if you don’t, that’s okay — politics is for suckers and degenerates. but if that’s the case, then I’ll explain the phrase to you.

yes! I will. oh man, you are so goddamn lucky to have clicked on the blog today. I used to write about politics all of the time, because I had an internet connection and very little filter. the filter has since improved, but this evening I’ll indulge my inner moron and type feverishly about things I know little about: like the inner workings of national politics. onward!

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lets keep things looking up

I made an editorial decision a ways back that I would avoid discussion of work on here. and that’s a good policy, I think: everybody is online-literate these days, Google is a nasty tough search engine and stuff written online never really goes away. so here’s a pro tip, kids: keep your online persona clean! that way, when you’re 40, everybody will be surprised when you get into some criminal bullshit. and people like surprises.

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my sister and I talk about books and movies

I was talking to Mar on the phone tonight. Mar’s in Indianapolis. she said:

Hobbit movie’s coming up. you psyched?”

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CO, a day after the election

we had a big day yesterday! did anybody get excited? you can bet I did. if you ask me (and why wouldn’t you), they should make election day a federal holiday. a federal holiday that we should treat like goddamn Super Bowl Sunday. a day for overindulgence, gambling and public drunkenness. but more on that later.

I am writing this from a hotel room in a small town in the middle of Colorado — hello from Colorado! the Topaz Lodge has wifi and cable, and the water tastes funny. I’m here for the weekend for a good friend’s wedding. it is on Saturday in Colorado Springs. so I am here early to take in the scenery a little bit.

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