always collect

last week I made a bet with my boss on the outcome of contest number five in the Nationals-Cardinals series. the Nationals were at home, playing in the first postseason for a DC baseball team in decades, in an elimination game, and he said at work: “I wish I could put some money on it and make it interesting.”

or someething to that effect, I’m paraphrasing. but I said, “I’ll take that bet,” and we shook hands. naturally. you gotta shake to make it official.

now I’m not a baseball fan. though I’ve referred to baseball in my last two entries. and I’m keeping an eye on the playoffs. and I’ve got a Pittsburgh Pirates hat, a Phillies hat, a San Diego Padres hat, a White Sox hat. honest, not a baseball fan, I just like the spectacle.

but my boss, he’s a baseball fan. in fact, we went to a game a few weeks ago, maybe a month ago in early September. we drank beers, we ate hot dogs, shelled peanuts and watched Miami beat Washington. and he scored the game with a pen. and explained to the couple a few seats over how to as well. which was cool because I think scoring a baseball game is a sort of art, and I want to learn how to do that shit, but I digress.

my boss, he used to go to Senators games when they played up off of 7th Street near Howard University. this is back in the fifties and sixties, back before they moved to Texas and became the Rangers, when they and the city were mired in the middle of an entire generation of baseball mediocrity. so he has put in his time, and if he says, “I wish I could put some money on it and make it interesting,” then by god I’ll meet him halfway.

so I did and I won ten bucks when the Nationals collapsed in the top and then lost in the bottom the ninth inning. I was watching this at a bar. when it happened the bar groaned. and I sent my boss a note. it said, that loss was so brutal, boss, I don’t even know if I should collect on our bet.

he got back to me the next day. always collect, he said.

that’s memorable advice.

he has been a pretty good boss. I’m writing this out late on Thursday night, October 18. tomorrow will be the last day of my job of two-plus years. I am starting a new thing, which is admittedly similar to the old thing but with more writing, and on a different issue: trade policy. it appears I’m getting another job that allows me to read the news all day. I wouldn’t say that it’s been planned, but it’s not coincidental. I’m doing this on purpose. I look at this as a selling point in a job.

but, before I begin I’m taking a few weeks off. in between desks — oh god, horrible, horrible desks — I’m going to ride my bike a lot, take a brief road trip to West Virginia and fly out to Denver for a friend’s wedding. it’ll be a nice break.

so yes! it is October, 2012. the lay of the land: Mar moved to Indianapolis. my nieces are six- and ten-months-old. the presidential election has turned into a ghoulish horse race. I’m considering a beard. I’ve made a covenant with myself that I’ll use my passport within a year.

and here I am. I’m not exactly proud to cop to this, but I’ve come to associate new jobs with new chapters in life — if only because it’s a convenient way of measuring time passed. but I guess there are many chapters, many indexes. so how then, you’re clearly gonna ask, would I describe the last one?

mistake-laden, informative. fruitful, frustrating. riveting, mundane. more adjectives that aren’t springing to mind. and not necessarily in that order, or at the same time. but all of these things. such is life,man.


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