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I am in San Francisco.

I am in my friends’ apartment, and they are out of town, in Europe, or Asia Minor, on their honeymoon. they got married this weekend! so when they left, I stayed, and I have wandered around the city for the past few days.

I took Spencer’s bike on Monday, and rode it out to the beach and back. his bike is too big for me, but oh I rose to the occasion. I did my best to get up on top of hills and look around. and I gotta say, this is how you should see a new city — with a day or two of free time and a bike. and also: if you like hills, SF does not disappoint. jeeze louise.

on Tuesday I bought a ticket out to Alcatraz and took the self-guided audio tour. pretty slick! very informative, and helps you ignore the swarrms of tourists you’re walking amongst. and the view in any direction was great. lots of great views around here, I’m finding out. big surprise, right?

and then I caught a Giants game on Tuesday evening. I hung out with a Giants fan. we went to a Giants bar. I drank Anchor Steam beer. and then the Giants beat Colorado. I like baseball games, they are growing on me as I get older. I think I’m going to learn how to score a game with a pen.

and then today. today I have opened all of the windows in my friends’ apartment, put up the shades. they live on the third floor, on the side of a hill. it’s sunny out now; it was cloudy out earlier. so this morning I woke up at 8 am, yawned and walked up the hill to a diner that Spencer had told me I would like.

the diner was a countertop semi-circle, kind of a dump. graffiti scratched into the clear plastic of the windows. but quiet and they didn’t give me the boot by my third cup of coffee, and so I sat and wrote out a bunch of postcards. so, Spencer was right: this place was goddamn perfect.

yes, perfect: I am in San Francisco. I leave for Minneapolis and another wedding in three hours. another wedding! dang. go get em, Andrew.