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August 2012

I am in Valparaiso, Indiana, and am feeling prone to bouts of nostalgia.

I dug an old bike out of mom’s shed this morning and rode it all over hell today. I went to the bike store to buy a combination lock; to the Valparaiso University bookstore to look for postcards; to Gil Drugs to actually find some postcards; to a coffee shop on Lincolnway staffed by tattooed twentysomethings to drink coffee and write postcards; and then to Dave’s apartment near the high school where we watched independent wrestling promos. when mom got home she showed me where the damn gophers keep digging up the yard. and then we visited my uncle’s house in Portage, where we tooled around in the backyard pool, drank decaf and bitched loudly about education reform. because everybody’s a teacher out here, you see, except me.

more of the same tomorrow, and then for the rest of the week. mom’s got a thousand photos, and a new scanner. all sorts of wonderful things to share.


more biting on grandma, who is a pro

I got some serious writer’s block. it’ll pass, it always does.

in the meantime, I’m gonna share more of what my grandmother has written. I just said I wouldn’t, a few weeks ago, the last time I published something on this blog. and here I am, breaking the rule already.

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