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summertime blues

I read a story recently about a tough job market for unemployed teenagers.

can you believe that shit?

I blame it not on the lousy economy, but on the kids. goddamn kids. back in my day (five mile walk to school in the snow! each way! no shoes!), you got up off the couch and found yourself a terrible waste of time that would pay minimum wage, take twenty-five to thirty hours of your week, and leave you with no discernable work skills — save for an introductory understanding of the American work ethic.  Continue reading


the weather is perfect

on Friday night it was warm out. I rode my bike over to my brother’s house and let myself in. the kids were asleep. he came downstairs. I said: “let’s go for a ride.”

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rocket without its faculties

I drove out to Dulles tonight to pick up a family member getting off an international flight.

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