what’s happening in the trade

we have graduated from 50s-era British war movies to 1970s Jamaica, with “The Harder They Come.” I very much like the DC public library’s media section.

this movie has a ridiculous amount of kick-ass music in it. if you have spent any amount of time driving around in my truck, you’ve probably heard the soundtrack. it’s one of the dozen CDs I have in the cab. but if not, if you are unaware, click on this. make sure you have a towel handy, cause you’re gonna make a mess.

there’s a couple of scenes, right around the beginning of the second act, where Jimmy Cliff starts singing in the church choir so he can get close to the preacher’s daughter — and, hopefully, bang her. and the camera rolls on about three solid minutes of a preacher testifying, his call-and-response with the faithful, and then the entire singing a gospel hymn. and it’s interspersed with these two kids making eyes at one another, flashes of sex,  juxtaposing faith and lust. er, maybe not lust, but passion, rather — or one interpretation of it, at least.

no, it’s lust. definintely lust. click on the picture above to see a chunk of it. it will make you want to get up and dance.