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I am running the Marine Corps Marathon at the end of October.

I’m serious this year, serious as all get-out. last year, around this time, I blew a flat tire — what I’m assuming was a muscle tear or a tendon strain in my calf. funny I don’t even remember which one. but I wasted a lot of time on driving out to Fairfax City to see a chiropractor, and I bought a pair of incredibly tight, constricting socks that run up to just below knee in hopes of some dopey miracle cure. turns out, it made no difference, and I didn’t run the race. but I will this year, so help me …

I’ve been running like a horse, or as like one as my sloppy ass is liable to get. this does not mean I’m running well; a week or two ago I ran to the point of dehydration and, an hour and a half later, ended up vomiting into a garbage can on Date Night. and I’ve since bought a handful of these energy “goos” and a Camelbak — basically a backpack with a long straw snaking out of it so you can go a long ways with plenty of liquid. more purchases than necessary, I’m sure. but less of a boondoggle than last year’s chiropractor.

but I feel good. I just did a short run this evening, something just over six miles, and I’ll get in a legitimately long one this weekend. Aarti and I are going to Puerto Rico at the end of the month for a few days of goofing off, and I plan to take my shoes. I’m thinking about just showing up for a half-marathon the weekend before the trip that’s planned for Philadelphia and running without registering. I think this is called “running bandit.” and it’s like hopping a freight train, only much tamer.

like last year, I have signed up for the race through the nonprofit run by Aarti’s brother and sister-in-law. it raises money for researching a cure for neuroblastoma, a cancer that affects the nervous system and is found primarily in children. it sucks.

so I signed up to fundraise. and here is my fundraising page right here, in longform — because I’ve been away from WordPress for so long that they went and updated the publishing tool on me and I don’t know how to work it:

 so come on, man, be cool. it’s tax deductable!

I just baked two potatoes, and I’m hungrier than a mean son of a bitch. my attention is waning. but at least I got this much onto the blog this month, if only by half an hour. hello, September!

but seriously for a second: do you remember Van Morrison singing that song, ‘Gloria’? yeah. you’ve heard it before, becuase you grew up in America and have walked past a radio a couple of thousand times in your life. it’s pretty awesome. and you already knew that.