so many wars to keep track of

everybody’s got a blog these days, and nearly without exception they’re better than mine. these people get paid to do this shit, after all.

here’s one I just read:

Last Friday, the sixty days that the War Powers Act allows for a President to carry on military action before getting Congress to sign on expired—turning the President’s prediction of “days, not weeks” into months—with about as much effect as the end of the seven thousand years Harold Camping calculated between this past weekend and Noah’s flood. Jay Carney, the White House’s spokesman, tried to explain:

Q: Do you have a legal justification that you can share with us to sort of—that you guys have sought on this, just to make sure—MR. CARNEY: As you know—

Q: I know you’re not a lawyer.

MR. CARNEY: —I’m not a lawyer.

Q: But can you share something—

MR. CARNEY: There is a—there has been a long debate about—in this country about—and which we do not need to replicate here because the amount—the stuff written about the War Powers Resolution over the years could fill this room and none of it would be conclusive.