my mom sent me a document via email the other day. mom emailing me is an event in itself, but the document was pretty interesting as well: “A History Of Important Events In The Life Of Our Church.” here’s a couple important events:

Sept. 28, 1911

  • Our congregation is organized at the home of Kondrat Krenitzky by seven other Orthodox pioneers who came to Gary due to the development of the steel mills along Lake Michigan. Meeting with two priests from Chicago are Peter Romanyak, Michael Frentzko, Vasil Misko, Efrem Shevcik, Vasil Krochta, Kondrat Krenitzky, John Shevtchuk, and Timofey Lescisin. With a resolve to start a church, $263 is collected.
    Since Rev. Jacob Korchinsky, our temporary priest, arrives on the Feast Day of the Protection of the Virgin Mary, it is decided to assume this name for the church.


  • The Icon of the Nativity is presented to our church from a group of church members originally from the village of Vereschaky in Russia. The icon is inscribed with the donors names in Russian as follows; Phillip Shavkun, John Shavkun, John Koshubara, Theodore Koshubara, Gregory Matsueff, John Gorbachev, and Terenty Yatskoff.
    This coincides with the period of time when our church was under attack by anti-religious groups in America and abroad. Red paint is smeared on our white sanctuary.

April 20, 1947

  • Divine Liturgy in English is completed and published by St. Mary’s Parent-Teachers Council (PTC).

you get the idea? probably not. family church turns a century this year, and my mom’s on the committee compiling historical documents for the anniversary. I’m glad she sends me this stuff.

the evening in horrible movies

I’m watching “Red Sonja.” it’s pretty awful, but for as awful as I was forewarned that it was going to be, I think it could be worse. I’m convinced that a lot of movies could be greatly improved upon should you just cut the audio out and add your own. I would suggest what’s below, and set it to the scene where Schwarzenegger, Brigitte Nielsen and the heavyset comic relief are raiding the evil queen’s castle in search of “the taslisman” … for what end, I don’t know, because I haven’t been listening to the dialouge. but this soundtrack would definitely take the edge off of a harsh film:

there was some severe weather today. and bookending a successful attempt at vegetarian lasagna, I got caught in the rain twice. both times totally unnecesarily. but that’s okay. I got my run in. and getting pneumonia builds character.