dear Smith:

You can blame the Republicans for lacking empathy or policy sense, but they had a transparent process. HR 1 was published long ago, and anybody with a little policy experience — a reporter, say — could have detailed the likely results. But we never had the real debate — just a bunch of horse-race reporting between two sides that wanted to cut different amounts. And the end result will be substantially different policy in more areas than I can even know about now.


Mike: yeah, you see that at the state level a lot
it’s something that pisses me off quite a bit whenever we have the “unemployment fund” debate
me: the unemployed are lazy, smith
end the welfare state
Mike: at the national level too.  Like when we put some sort of arbitrary cap on the amount of time you can get unemployment benefits, 99 weeks with the federal extension, etc.
yeah, totally
me: yeah. if you havent found a job by then? tough shit
we’re not helping you look for a new one, neither!
hit the curb, rummy!
Mike: Whenever I talk to my conservative patriots, I always ask them, well, you spend all this time and effort in putting safe gaurds in the system to prove that the people who are using the system actually need it, you’ve made them prove that they are looking for jobs, they have to fill out and submit vouchers, they have to prove that they’re complying with all the stated regs, by meeting with a caseworker (that is of course until you tried to nix caseworkers), but now, even after you make them prove that, yes, I am looking for work but I have not been able to find anything in this fucking horrible economy so I’m still looking; yeah, even if they prove that, you’re still going to say, well buddy, sorry, I know you’ve done everything we’ve asked of you, but you just his this magic number, and shucks, we’re all fresh out of empathy… so, good luck, vote republican and go fuck yourself.
me: HA
Mike: I understand that sometimes you have to cut people off to stave off a dependent mindset, but it’s dumb to have that fight in a recession recovery with high unemployment.  Actually, it’s fucking ridiculous is what it is.  When the unemployment level drops, and jobs are more plentiful, I’ll be much more sympathetic to the arguments that the unemployed could find a job if they really wanted to.  For some, that maybe be the case, but the argument doesn’t hold any water when we’ve got 5-1 applicant to job ratio.
me: but
but the welfare state
Mike: I know
it keeps me up at night.
I get nightmares, Matt.  Real nightmares.  I wake up in a cold sweat with haunting images still floating in my brain of liberal deadbeats sucking off the Statute of Liberty’s tit… Always sucking, never satisfied, until she dries up and withers away… like the French.
me:  you’ve seen this too?
i thought it was only me
Mike: Thank god.
I’m not alone.
I tell ya, it takes 3 beers, a shot of Jim Beam and 30 minutes of domestic abuse with the wife and kids before I’m able to get some sleep.