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I took a break from the blog. these things happen.

but here we are, back in Washington, where it’s growing warmer outside once again. there’s cherry blossoms and the like. and I am lucky enough to witness one of the dumbest things mine eyes have ever gazed upon, no small feat considering the many dumb things I’ve seen: a federal shutdown.
I don’t really know what the hell is going on. there was this war something, in what, in Libya? something about unions? another civil war-esque conflict in the west Africa. I read a headline that said Portugal’s economy had to get floated by the EU … but fuck it. the mighty Democrat and the brave Republican have met on the field of battle in a nicely lit room on Capitol Hill to get a whole lot of nothing done on passing a budget.
for anyone who really hasn’t been paying attention to this — and if you haven’t you must’ve been trying pretty hard — keep in mind that they’re arguing over funding that’s limited to (I’m pretty sure, at least) non-defense discretionary spending in the 2011 budget. and that’s even though they’re halfway through the 2011 fiscal year. congress never managed to pass a 2011 budget, so as soon as they’re done with this horseshit, they have to deal with the next budget proposal. and if this is the way that budget negotations are going to go in a congressional class full of intellectual dimwits who ran on one promise — cut spending without compromise — nothing’s going to ever get done.

I remember an episode of “The West Wing” — a show that I have grown to hate over the years — where there’s a budget impasse, and mean ol’ Republican speaker of the house shows up at the White House and tries to piss in Martin Sheen’s eye, in a retelling of the shutdown of 1995 starring Clinton and Gingrich.

for years, this piece of popular television informed my opinion of the political events of 1995 as much as anything else. because I was 12 in 1995, and the highlight of it was easily Neil Evans’ birthday party, because somebody rented “Psycho Cop 2” from either Take One Video or the Wiseway on US 30, and we all stayed up late and ate pizza. it’s not like I was paying attention to whatever the hell the Contract With America was. I would have been a grotesque little son of a bitch had I been.

you can see where my tastes lie by my selection of video; in the battle between awful horror movie and pandering television show … the horror movie has a lot of boob scenes, so it’s not really a battle at all.
but I digress. reality is much different. the government will close shop in … 23 hours and 50 minutes now. the fact that the market will shudder and couple hundred thousand workers are going to get  furloughed until that shit gets figured out can’t be lost on congress. that some poor bastard out there, somewhere, will get laid off because of this, in some way, shape or form. congress has to understand that they’re going to collectively take it to the balls come election time if they don’t break this impasse. 
but will they? fuck if I know. I still got to go to work Monday, one way or the other. I imagine the paper is going to be interesting this weekend.


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  1. Anonymous on

    ” ..Grotesque little son of a bitch had I been…”

    I almost feel like this is some sort of jab at Smith…?

  2. dudeokay on

    yeah. subconciously, though.

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