the goggles, they do nothing

Tim Pawlenty, one of the rubes who wants the Republicans to nominate him for the presidency, thinks Obama needs to bring the goddamn hammer down on Syria. he draws on his extensive foreign policy experience as the former governor of Minnesota to make his case:

In an interview with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt shortly before the president defended the U.S. military involvement in Libya, Mr. Pawlenty said Mr. Obama should withdraw the U.S. ambassador from Syria, express solidarity with the protestors there and impose sanctions, “both economic and otherwise,” against the country and its leader.

right on, man!
is this how it normally is? I have a short memory. do primary candidates from the opposition party gin up their foreign policy positions based on whatever it is the sitting president is doing? you probably read this somewhere — or, thanks to the wonders of a 24-hour news cycle,  saw it flashing across the inside of your eyelids as you entered REM sleep — but Newt Gingrich first criticized the Obama administration for not enacting a no-fly zone over Libya. then when the administration did, he criticized the intervention.
what the fuck? doesn’t this asshole have handlers who are supposed to parse over his public speeches for massive inconsistencies? I hardly expect a presidential candidate to be candid, or intelligent, but at least we can expect them to stay on message. Sarah Palin, for instance, has been a three-year, national celebration in uniform stupidity. she might be dumb as a post, but you have to nod in respect to her consistency.
and speaking of Palin, she just toured India and Israel, presumably to beef up her own foreign policy credentials. you may recall that they need some work.

god, I love that video. these next eighteen months are going to rule.


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