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here is a story that ran the other day in The Hill, which is a publication read mostly by people in DC who work in professional politics (assholes). it details the latest turn in the long and winding road that is Mitt Romney’s eventual nomination to be the GOP’s 2012 presidential candidate.

unless you’re someone who is ugly on the inside, like me, and therefore follows politics, you might not have noticed the early candidacy hubbub that has surrounded Mitt. the problem, in a nutshell, is that the health care plan that Romney saw enacted in Massachusetts while he was governor looks entirely too much like the one that Barack Obama got enacted on the federal level last year.
does it matter that the Massachusetts health care law has been wildly successful? nope: it smells a little too like socialism for adherents to a poorly defined, conventient version of free market economics. so Romney has to answer all sorts of questions about where his ideology really lies, and that means disavowing all of his former policy positions in order to tack harder to the right. this seems to be a recurring theme for candidate Romney.
but anyway, this article reveals that — as of Thursday — Romney’s allies on Capitol Hill plan to blame all of the “bad” things about the Massachusetts health care law on Massachusetts statehouse Democrats who perverted its implementation, because duh: Democrats fuck up everything.

but come on, says one Republican who wishes to remain nameless. come onnn, he says:

Besides, Romney might face bigger challenges to snagging the nomination. A lawmaker who endorsed Romney in 2008 said Romney’s Mormon faith will be a bigger problem than healthcare.

“Voters are still raising it,” the lawmaker, who requested anonymity, said, expressing frustration that the issue hasn’t faded.

see? it’s not even Romney’s real problem! Romney’s real problem is he’s a Mormon. that’s a problem. because if there’s one thing you can count on in a Republican primary, it’s casual bigotry.


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    you make politics so comical.

    …and yes, it makes you even uglier on the inside.

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