good policy

“they can still stick by the bullshit, that it was meant for budgetary reasons, but try as they might, those darn Democrats just wouldn’t let them pass it. so they had to take out all the financial aspects and instead just weaken union bargaining rights, because then local governments can negotiate lower pay structures to their workers or union contractors, thereby saving money.
“I won’t argue that what they’re doing will lower pay for government workers, or contractors who do work for the government, and that lower pay will obviously translate into slightly lower payroll costs for some local governments, but big fucking deal. you’re cutting people’s wages, whoo-hoo for you. do you actually think that’s good public policy? driving wages down? cutting benefits?  is this how you view successful public policy?
“it drives me crazy that they’re going to use deficits as an excuse, when we all know Republicans don’t give a shit about deficits. it’s taxes they care about — and destroying supporters of their political opponents. it’s not like Repubs hate people earning $35-40k a year who don’t want to work until they’re 70 because they have to, you know, lift shit and build stuff; it’s not that Republicans hate them, it’s rather they’re just indifferent about their plight because, on average, they’re not friends with them, they don’t live with them, they’re not related to them, they’re not getting political donations from them … so it’s easier to not give a shit about them.”

— mean Mr Smith

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