de donde son los profesores?

here is a picture Aarti took of me and my dumb, dumb brother, straight lunchin.’

Mike leaves for South Africa tomorrow. everybody say something nice about him, in case he just disappears into Johannesburg, and I have to go all “Heart of Darkness” on his ass in six months to bring him back out.

also: the Obama administration has fired up the ol’ military tribunals down in Guantanamo Bay. maybe if there hadn’t been a bipartisan hissy fit a year or two ago about using the federal court system to try detainees, this wouldn’t be happening. but there was, and it is.  is this what you voted for?


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  1. aarti on

    los profesores son de varios lugares. de que profesor hablas? el profesora mowgli? o la profesora aarti?

    dale un besito a su hermano para su viaje tan aventuroso!

  2. mowgli on


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