who needs bargaining rights anyway?

“The way I stand is that there has to be counterbalance to the overwhelming power businesses have over our lives.  Our jobs dictate so much about our lives based on working conditions, pay and benefits that if workers aren’t able to come together and push back, we will be worse off, and I think the data bolsters that reality by showing the monetary benefits of union membership.  Conservatives are really good at convincing people to be envious and angry when someone whose not them has a better deal.  Look at what the public service unions are dealing with now.  Hopefully, people will start realizing that they’re being duped and instead they should be pissed off that they don’t get adequate wages and benefits, and not get pissed at people who do. It should not be a race to the fucking bottom.”

— Mean Mister Mike

you know, it’s worth noting that soon — when unions are even in bigger decline after “pro-growth” Republicans continue to tear chunks out of working people for a couple of years — the Democratic majority may wish it had thrown a reliable base the occasional bone before it dried up and blew away.


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