we had a big Saturday

every once in a while I find it important to pay credence to the banner across the top of the blog. it’s not like doing so is grounding, or steeped in tradition. no. it’s rather that Wesley Willis wrote a lot of entertaining albeit monotonous music — much in the same way I’d fancy my writing style — and that Dave Weinberg bought a digital camera the summer after we graduated from high school and we got our picture taken with him. and thanks to the wonders of social media, I now have a blurry copy of that picture.

mm-hmm. happy early Valentine’s Day. click on that there picture to hear “Rock and Roll McDonalds.”

rock over London. rock on, Chicago. Wheaties: Breakfast of champions.


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  1. Anonymous on

    wait… was that when he bought a Persian cat and a digital camera!?

  2. dudeokay on

    and wrestling tickets. note his Degeneration X shirt.

  3. Anonymous on

    lol.. yes, I forgot about that.

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