get Hub Arkush on the phone

first: ‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier has landed in Haiti. holy shit!

second: I hope you are excited about this as I am, young world: the Chicago vs. Green Bay summerslam set for next weekend. the players don’t seem to care anything extra, but who cares?
I came to this realization earlier today while watching the game: I am a sports pessimist. or I’m just a Bears fan. but whatever it may be, I’ve been a skeptic all season, and Chicago is hosting the conference championship against their ancient rivals. so I’ll just go ahead and predict they’ll get killed, and maybe that will help.

third: I am watching “Outland” starring Sean Connery. it’s described as a “space western.” not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing so far, but it’s wearing that early eighties take on outer space pretty well as of yet. more ‘Alien’ than ‘Blade Runner.’ but you get the idea; I’m only forty minutes into it. anything can happen at this point.

back with the movie. I’m at an hour and twenty minutes now (I write really, really slow), and it’s … yep. a western as billed, set on a mining colony on a moon. there are a lot of gruesome deaths, a lot of scenes set on a racketball court, and a lot of awful acting.
so, obviously, get to your Netflix account and dial that son of a bitch up!

annd … yes. in summation, it’s been a long weekend. and I wanna go back to work, almost, I swear to god. but the key word is almost. to close: here is a great Black Keys song. it’s pretty strong.