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happy new year. I went to church yesterday with my brother and niece, and it was a trip, man. I was baptised there a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. I hadn’t been back since we left for grayer, flatter climes in northwest Indiana in 1993, though I’ve clipped past it on Mass Avenue a bunch.
but how about the ambiance? well, at the afterward coffee hour, I checked out a Sunday School bulletin board with letters to Santa posted on it. this following one was my fave:

I heard that. get this kid the Xbox, pronto.
so yeah, it was much as I remembered. the cathedral isn’t big on the inside, and the Orthodox are big on standing. but sometime in the last eightteen years, the iconography has been updated, and it is pretty legit. there are no empty spaces. so if you’re not into the whole God thing, and have found yourself in church anyway, you will have plenty to look at. 

anyway, it’s back to work til Wednesday, when I head out to Indiana for the Orthodox Christmas celebrations. way to get in the spirit, eh? nothing like family vacation. and in the spirit of that, here’s some Cousin Eddie:


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