me and Mar at Cracker Barrel

okay, so here’s how it shook out:

Minnesota beat Philadelphia on Tuesday night, surprising everybody and guaranteeing Chicago a bye in the first week of the playoffs. they’ll get the second seed, at the very least.
they’re still in the running for the first seed and home-field advantage: I believe Atlanta would have to lose, at home, to the goddamn Panthers, which is pretty unlikely. and the Bears would have to beat Green Bay in Wisconsin. the ATL/Carolina game will be decided before kickoff in Green Bay, so they’ll know beforehand what they’ll be playing for. so they could rest their starters.
they could rest their starters. the coaching staff has said they don’t plan to, that they’ll be going full-bore on Sunday afternoon, but teams often say one thing and do another; what’s said to the press in the run-up to the game should be taken heavily salted. a lot of it’s bullshit. so I’ll just say that I really, really hope they don’t sit the starters. I don’t care if the Falcons decapitate Jimmy Clausen on the goddamn 50-yard line and take the fumble back for six. I want the starters to play.
because fuck the Packers. fuck them. football for me isn’t a zero-sum game. it’s a pastime, and it needs to keep me interested. if the Bears lose in the first playoff game, I will be disappointed but will not collapse into a pile of tears. if they do, however, put in the scrubs so that the starters don’t risk injury, despite the fact that they have a chance to bounce their historic rivals out of a playoff berth, then yeah. then I’ll collapse into a pile of tears.

we all remember what Lovie Smith said when he got hired in 2003. win a championship, win the division. but first, beat the Packers. well, okay, that’s first. so beat the Packers. right?