it is an exceptionally slow day at work. I am compensating by picking through an assignment while listening to the Temptations and Scandinavian doom metal, and reading about Pfizer.
it seems one of the cables WikiLeaks released details a meeting between that drug company and a US state department official, where the parties discussed the settlement of a Nigerian class-action lawsuit that claimed Pfizer used a bunch of sick children to field test a Meningitis drug.
you probably heard of this?
anyway, the cable suggests one of Pfizer’s “legal strategies” was to blackmail — or possibly bribe — a corrupt Nigerian justice department official into dropping the case, in exchange for what Pfizer would call peanuts. truly, WikiLeaks is the gift that keeps on giving.
I remember watching “The Constant Gardener” and spending more time wondering why Ralph Fiennes pronounces his name “Rayfe” than I spent considering the plot. maybe it will require a second look. or maybe I’ll get the book instead. but either way you cut it, it’s okay to color yourself shocked that a pharmaceutical company was more concerned with profits than with people. that shit is un-fucking-believable, and I need to go outside and look at the sky, to make sure that son of a biscuit is still blue.