we come a long way

there is a kerfluffle over the Bush tax cuts deal that Obama made with the Republicans in congress. liberals, the very self-important political class tells me, are pissed that Obama dealt so easily with the opposition.
their position is backed up by House democrats, the lame-goddamn-duck democrats, who are are so super-pissed about the wealthy among us getting an extended tax cut that they’d let benefits for the long-term jobless expire. the outgoing democrats.
to them, and to the changing definition of what it means to be a progressive liberal, I point to, yes … another blogger:

I guess wounded, wailing laments over the president’s pathetic, weak-kneed capitulation wouldn’t grate so much had I heard a peep yesterday about the administration’s success in standing rock steady behind the president’s legal right to unilaterally order the killing of American citizens. One would think this holdover of George W. Bush’s reign would outrage liberals, but evidently one would be wrong. Perhaps liberals should take courage from the fact Mr Obama doesn’t cave on everything. Besides, what’s the power to raise taxes on the rich next to the power of discretionary assasination? 


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