oh, well there you go.


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  1. TK on

    Thought you needed to see this.

  2. Anonymous on

    “I think there’s a reality here which is that while it might be best to continue the middle-class tax cuts and raise taxes on higher income people, the votes are not there to do that,” said Sen. Joseph Lieberman, a Connecticut independent who caucuses with the Democrats.

    Wait. No, yeah, no wait… My brain… It’s caving in on itself… I don’t understand… YOU ARE THE PERSON YOU’RE COMPLAINING ABOUT!!!!

    You’re going to tell me that we can’t take the best course of action because assholes like you won’t vote for it? I want to move to CT just so I can vote against this dick.

    Read more: http://www.time.com/time/politics/article/0,8599,2032252,00.html#ixzz15pPeAvAl

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