cable news is for idiots

except for CNN, for it pays the bills, is moderate and therefore unwatched. but the political gauge shouldn’t be a measure of a news organization anyway. newspapers are laid out as such: The News, and an editorial page in the back page. where the editorializing takes place. a lot of cable news programming these days lacks that distinction. and therein lies the problem …

Keith Olbermann got suspended from hosting his program on MSNBC after he told Politico that he donated money to Democratic congressional campaigns. this violated MSNBC’s ethics policy. when you’re in journalism, you’re not supposed to do that.
some of his defenders contend Olbermann’s being held to an unfair standard, because Fox doesn’t give a shit if its talking heads make political contributions. fellow MSNBC personality Rachel Maddow even said something asinine like “theirs is a political organization. ours is not.” yeah, maybe. but I think it’s a stretch to call Olbermann a journalist.
his suspension is over tomorrow, which makes his punishment a total of two shows off the air. that makes sense: he has a lot of supporters out there who are bitching about his absence and he makes MSNBC a lot of money. and Olbermann has since issued an apology about the ordeal, which is as obnoxous and self-serving as you’d expect a Keith Olbermann apology to be.
but I don’t think the real study should be on his punishment. I think the onus should be on what Olbermann’s title should be, because he’s definitely not a journalist. MSNBC may still be a news organization, but now it’s where you go to get your news when you’re a liberal and you want all of your news to agree with you. Olbermann, the man who is not a journalist yet is the network star and anchors its election night coverage, makes it so.

this person who writes for the New York Times said it much better than I have here.