the fightin’ fifth

I got a soft spot in my heart for Tom Perriello.
back in 2008, he beat Virginia’ 5th District Repbulican incumbent, the pandering redneck Virgil Goode, by about 700 votes out of more than 300,000 cast. and he did it by being pretty straightforward. he came back from around 20 points down in mid August. and since his election, he’s been a pretty honest politician in a district that isn’t predisposed (read: gerrymandered) to electing politicians of his stripe.
he’s a Democrat in rural Virginia. he voted for the economic stimulus package, supported cap-and-trade. but he voted against the party on financial reform, the federal budget package, Obama’s trade policies. he’s carrying an endorsement from the NRA.
naturally, tea partiers hate him. they’ve vandalized his family members’ homes. his Republican opponent calls him “Pelosi’s lapdog.” and that kind of dumb shit sticks, and he’ll probably lose a close one down there, but it’s not gonna be a for a lack effort.
the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is running all sorts of attack ads on his behalf. and what’s more, Uncle Barack himself is coming to Charlottesville to stump for Perriello. as far as I know, Obama hasn’t gone out of his way to appear on behalf of any other congressional candidates during this cycle, in which a great deal of seats will be lost by the Democrats, and control of the House will likely shift.
but no matter. I think Perriello’s going to lose, because nothing would serve the 5th District better than another faceless, vanilla Republican. but at least his ass is going down swinging. Obama’s throwing him a bone for his loyalty, and for his standing fast in the face of a horde of homegrown, raving, asshole lunatics who behave as if Perriello somehow stole victory in the ’08 election, despite the fact that he carried the popular vote.
so please, don’t take that shit lying down, Tom. and when you’re probably no longer a congressman next month, know that you were a good one while it lasted and when it counted. I wish I was registered in the 5th District this year.


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  1. Pat on

    I’m voting for Jeff Clark. Not because he’s a Tea Partier, but because he’s none of the above. (I voted for Mickey Mouse in the last 5th District election and proud of it.)

    I’m sick and tired of the “Perriello sucks”/”Hurt hurts” ads that are constantly on TV — especially when I’m watching The Young and The Restless.

    I think Robert Hurt should have an honest ad that simply states: “Elect me. I’ll fuck you up the ass — but with GOP lube, instead of that Democrat lube you’ve had the past two years.”

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