shake it off

so babysitting is over. that wasn’t too bad.

I’m in a music mood today, oh yes. I listened to “go to sleep” by Radiohead about three dozen times at the office.
I’m watching Cincinnati and Louisville beat each other to shit in the mighty battle of southern Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. neither is ranked. it’s a 1-point game. you’ll have that.
I’m sitting here, listening to samples of stoner doom metal, because there is such a thing and who knew? Pitchfork probably knew, those elitist fucks, but I’m definitely not paying enough attention to notice every over-analyzed, unnecessary subgenre of rock and roll. I had heard of stoner metal. and doom metal. but the two together? jesus, I feel like I’m falling apart out here.
anyway, yes: this shit exists, and it’s probably not for everyone. but whether it’s for you or not we can all agree that a band that performs while dressed in black robes; or calls itself “Electric Wizard”; or whose bassist has been arrested for assaulting a police officer; or is always singing about Satan and pot, well … at least they’re working with the right ingredients there.


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  2. aarti on

    this whole time i thought you were saying ‘dune metal’

    …doom metal makes much more sense.

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