I suppose I always imagined that every rock band heads out the door on its first day to save the whole world. but they’re never going to do it for everybody. I guess that’s how you measure success, by how many people you manage to bring along, and how long you hold them up with something worth listening to. how long you produce. well, shit; Zeppelin might still be going if John Bonham hadn’t choked on his own vomit.
so Wolfmother is still a band, as it’s still putting out music. but their latest release — and it’s not like any of this is current at all, I’ve only been thinking about it because I heard a Wolfmother tune on the radio today — their latest release I find lacking. what, I don’t know exactly, which is why I’m trying to type it out here. what I do know is that between their first full-length and their second, two of the three who made up Wolfmother split, and that lef the lead guitarist with all the songwriting duties.
those two dudes took something with them, something heavier and more powerful and more sincere than what we’re left with. Wolfmother is not awful, but “Cosmic Egg” sounds like it was written explicitly to sell Mountain Dew and movies built on bad dick jokes, and not to score a John Carter of Mars novel. and it was that feel that made their early stuff legit, at least for me. the early shit Wolfmother came up with was from throwaway to fantastic, drastic, romantic and epic … but at least it had a higher end of the spectrum to even out the occasional misses.
and what’s more maybe they were knockoffs of heavier bands that came before them, they weren’t Black Sabbath, or Led Zeppelin or Deep Purple, but for a brief period of time they were fucking great all the same. I don’t think a trailblazing hard rock band would begrudge another for aping what came first for a new generation. imitation can be a sincere form of flattery.
so pour a sip on the concrete for a brief reign of rock-and-roll terror that enraptured me, at least, for four or five months in 2006. and check out one of their B-sides. for tomorrow I’m looking for a Patrick Sweany album to hold in my hands, because I’m not ready to give up and start buying shit off itunes just yet. I still draw breath.


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  1. Smith on

    Definitely wasn’t as good as their debut album, but I’m a little surprised you thought so little of Cosmic Egg. I thought it was pretty good.

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