but seriously

the 49ers just went right down the field on New Orleans with two minutes left and no time outs, Samurai Mike has a big-ass cross just hanging out there, and they got the 2-point conversion to tie it. if they keep the Saints out of the endzone with a minute left, I’ll become a 49ers fan for the season.

two minutes later

nope. so much for that!

it’s been a strange couple of weeks I’ve been out running in. I’ve been out running metaphorically. Grandma turned 90 and we all went out and got down. not really getting down, but going to the hospital with Mar for routine bloodwork and getting dressed up and going to Grandma’s birthday party at Pesto’s. that’s kind of getting down. I signed up for a grad school fair, then just realized that it’s on the day I’m out of town to Valparaiso again for Phil’s wedding. god damn you Phil and your wedding.

but that’s okay, I’m still cruising. work is interesting, Aarti and watch movies and go to the dog park, the weather is nice, and I live by bike.
holy shit: I’m a hipster …
and Chicago beat the Dallas Cowboys in their home opener at Jerruh Jones’ football mecca. so who cares about San Francisco? to hell with those assholes!

so yeah. everything has been alright. I’m cruising, getting the hang of it. I gotta get to bed.