I feel like I got kicked by a mule

you want to hear some dumb shit? I got some dumb shit for you. it involves the tea party, go figure.
I’ll write this out in boilerplate sentences, as to get right to the point.

a week or so ago, the NAACP passes a resolution that declares the national tea party movement should expel any racist elements in its ranks.
prominent conservatives, as well as plenty of tea party leaders (a pointedly decentralized group) respond with outrage at the suggestion that the tea party was racist. it doesn’t matter that this wasn’t what the NAACP resolution suggested.
pundits of every stripe way in. the media goes fucking bananas over this story. columns are written. sunday talk show hosts make it the grist of their questionaires. Keith Olbermann probably talks into his bathroom mirror about it for a solid four hours during this period of time.
then, some despicable asshole named Andrew Breitbart, who runs a website that blames his political opponents for everything short of the Holocaust, puts a video up online purportedly showing a black USDA bureaucrat speaking to a NAACP event in Georgia in which she admits she once didn’t help a white farmer whose land was being foreclosed on because he was white.
the secretary of agriculture, cabinet member Tom Vilsack, orders her fired. immediately. so they fire her.
the media goes fucking bananas again. columns are written. Pat Buchanan takes his pants off during a taping of “The McLaughlin Group.” the morning show on Fox News turns into a sadomasochistic orgy. Eugene Robinson melts his Pulitzer Prize down into quarters and buys nothing but 100 Grand bars out of the vending machine in the break room at the Washington Post.
then, a day or so later, the NAACP releases the entire video of the bureaucrat’s speech. it shows that her quote was taken out on context. in fact, she was referring to an incident from over twenty years ago, and it was part of a larger narrative in which she learned the error of her ways, helped the white farmer and his wife save their farm. she now maintains a friendship with this family. the family even speaks publicly in support of her.
so it turns out that Breitbart intentionally manipulated the video so that it would suit his own ends. he goes on Good Morning America or the Today Show, or one of those television shows that has Regis Philbin or Matt Lauer or whoever the fuck, and refuses to apologize for putting words in the mouth of someone he’s never met before and causing them to lose their job. he guarantees that when karma materializes on the street outside his house as a huge ex-con with rage issues and beats him mercilessly until he pisses blood, it’ll be just that: karma. 
Vilsack calls the bureaucrat to personally apologize.
White House press secretary Robert Gibbs apologizes on behalf of the Obama administration during a press briefing, while the bureaucrat watches live from the CNN studio in Atlanta.
and the media goes fucking bananas.

this all happened in the last four or five days. let’s see what’s being going on in Juarez, just for kicks. or on Wall Street.
anything. anything but the Shirley Sherrod story.