the black fuel

the power kicked off for about three hours tonight. and then it kicked back on. nothing makes you appreciate electricity like its absence.
if you were to follow this link, you would find an audio recording of Mel Gibson berating his ex-girlfriend over the phone. he uses many slurs. one is the N-word. in the recording, she sounds like she’s knocking back a cosmopolitan on the other end of the line, and he sounds like the same guy who starred in “What Women Want.”
I really don’t like Mel Gibson. all of this shit about his personal life, the types of movies he directs … he just seems like a particularly odious dude. my sister-in-law has theorized that he may be suffering from early-onset dementia.
but (and there’s always a but) with that being said. when I watch “The Road Warrior” — which works out to something like two or three times a year — that opinion doesn’t transfer. there is a complete disconnect between the guy from “Lethal Weapon” and the guy on screen, shit; he looks like Mel Gibson. but you have to understand that your eyes are deceivin’ you, son. Mad Max Rocketansky isn’t Mel Gibson. he’s Mad Max Rocketansky. and this is his rig, and it’s his tanker full of sand, so you can go ahead and screw off and hijack another truck, because you’re not taking this one today, assholes.
I wonder what this says about my psyche, my chosen brand of heroes. if this isn’t readily apparent by the way I jam screen grabs from these flicks into this web page whenever the excuse arises: I love the Mad Max movies. I love that character.
some more examples: I loved “A Boy and his Dog.” I know what “A Boy and his Dog” is. I’ve played all of the Fallout video games, and will buy the next installment when it comes out (November). I went out of my way to get a copy of “I am Legend” well before the Fresh Prince starred in a shitty movie based on it. I’m re-reading “World War Z” right now, and it is no mistake that the only Cormac McCarthy novel I’ve ever read (and probably ever will read) is “The Road.”
and I don’t think I’m that odd. but then, I say it out loud: I’m really interested in speculative fiction about the end of the world. I’m big into the big, violent dystopia thing, and if you can add vampires or zombies to it, then by all means.
yeah, that’s weird.
and then, to think, this stuff isn’t even that hard to come by. I guess this shit sells.

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  1. TK on

    I’m just here to tell you about this awesome new Devo song:

  2. Smith on

    I just watched Paypack again, starring your boy. He’s definitely a sick bastard, but I love that movie.

  3. dudeokay on

    holy shit. Devo releases new music?

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