the Return of the Jedi

I start my new job in twelve hours.
that’s good. I don’t know if I’m rehashing an earlier entry, but the idea of starting at a new place is very abstract right now. it’s fantastic. I’m gonna get up, put on slacks and a dress shirt, and get on the Metro with all the other slobs, and go and hump it in an office building.
I know, I’m really selling it. but not kidding, I am excited.
it’s been a helluva week, and I’ve been busy, and to try to recount all of it now wouldn’t be accurate, or would it do it justice. but let’s see. Saturday, saw a Nationals game with my dad and brother. they came back and beat the Mets in the bottom of the ninth; we had left at the top of the inning. on Sunday, the fireworks were pretty cool. I watched them with Aarti and friends from about 7th St on the mall. yeah, it was a zoo, but not quite the zoo I had expected.
all of this was done amid blistering temperature. I ran on Sunday, five miles to Georgetown and back, and I realized my pissy mood and lingering headache that night was probably a mild form of heat stroke. I had to go running.
forI am, a stubborn, jack ass. it’s who I am. 
this morning I got back to 4th St to find that something (had to have been a large firecracker) had left a huge, baseball-esque crack in my truck’s windshield. no note, no acknowledgement. and I’m now out $250, and I’ll never get those three hours in the 85-degree waiting room at the Arlington body shop back.
but that’s okay. welcome to the city. I am feeling very zen. I’m running like a goddamn gazelle, and I got a new job in our nation’s sweltering capital. wish me luck in my new nine-to-five.


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  1. Smith on

    Good luck man. The 9-5 world welcomes you.

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