surprise road trip

I was gonna take the train tomorrow night from South Bend to DC in order to have a second sit-down interview with this nonprofit I’ve been trying to get hired on at.
but the woman whom I was to have met with is bailing on me. bailing! she’s in Iowa, and she’s staying an extra day because now she has landed a meeting with Tom Harkin. so I got bumped for Tom Harkin.
so. because I don’t want to fly to DC next week, I am driving, tomorrow afternoon, to Des Moines. I am going to attend one of the nonprofit’s press conferences at the Des Moines police department on Thursday morning. and then I’ll have my interview, and then I’ll drive back in the afternoon. six-hour one-way trip, man. and Iowa is pretty bland, if I remember correctly.


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  1. Spencer on

    Sounds like you’re in with this job. It would be a real dick move to make you drive 12 hours through corn fields for a 30 minute interview and then not hire you. Also, this allows you to showcase the notorious McMullan determination.


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