back in Indiana

quote of the last week:
“but what about your hobo bludgeon?” — Aarti, helping me pack the truck.

album of the drive out Midwest way:
A Night At The Opera by Queen. Pat (scroll down) burned me a bunch of Queen albums on my way out the Progress door. because if you didn’t know: Queen is awesome.

what’s happening right now:
I am at a coffee shop in Valparaiso. it is easily the hippest place in dowtown Valparaiso I have ever been. there’s indy rock playing on someone’s ipod stereo, and all of the teenagers in here look emaciated. 
also: Neil’s brother works behind the counter! I haven’t seen him in years. easily in years. Neil’s brother reports that Neil is coming back to town for a visit next week. nice. there’s another Evans I haven’t seen in years.
the wireless internet here sucks. it keeps dropping out on me. but that’s okay. I walked down here about two hours ago, and I’ve drank a lot of cheap coffee. I’m gonna walk back to mom’s in a little bit.
earlier today, she and I dropped a bunch of shit off at Goodwill, and I saw they were selling a copy of “Hard to Kill” starring Steven Seagal on VHS. I’m thinking about going back and getting it tomorow. I could use some Seagal.
yes, I know. nothing says “I’m unemployed” like giving dedicated thought to buying a Steven Seagal tape from a second-hand store. so check back in tomorrow for updates.


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