so long, Daily Progress

it’s been way too real.


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  1. Lang on

    lol our boss for 2+ years.

    How was it today dude?

  2. composecompriseconstitute on

    Oh Pat.

    I’m going to miss all of you.

    – Tasha

  3. Smith on

  4. dudeokay on

    I was there until 10:45. on my last day. troubleshooting for some guy in Lynchburg who is taking my job (the one I’m happy to be leaving). a day of contrasts, Lang, a day of complexities.

  5. Smith on

    I had to post an intro to my online nonprofit finance class. Figured I would keep it real, whether the professor is ready for it or not.

    “The final lap of my Graduate career is fast approaching. I am currently working on my Masters in Public Affairs with a concentration in Environmental Management. Wait, did he write “Environmental Management?” I did Indeed! You might be thinking: a tree hugger by day and student by night? Hardly. I work for the man. Or, more accurately, I work for you. I’m a good ol’ fashion government employee helping constituents navigate the muddy waters of state government bureaucracy.

    I have two official titles I suppose. I am the Internship Director for the House Democrats while also serving as the Legislative Assistant for two State Representatives. Wow, reading those words out loud was almost as impressive as the perforated free business cards they were printed on. In all seriousness though, I like my job a lot. I’ve always loved politics and being able to work on the inside has been a lot of fun. Helping constituents with their problems is a stressful but rewarding job.

    I received a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management at Indiana University Bloomington – Kelley School of Business in 2005. Little did they know a future liberal public servant had infiltrated their ranks. I was able to pass the time and keep my sanity by starting Wal-Mart inspired labor policy debates with 20 year old frat boys. Like watching the Discovery Channel, their reactions were interesting – like a deer stuck in the headlights… actually “stuck” isn’t the right word. It’s more accurate to say a deer “not caring” that they’re in the headlights. You see, their parents went to business school, but the initial reality shock doesn’t really sink in until Junior year or so. The first few years consists of the painful and slow acceptance that, yes, it’s not a dream, they themselves are in business school, and it’s no frat party.

    Of course, learning inside this bastion of pro-business conservatism meant that meaningful and fact-based discussions that dared to stray outside the rigid and uncompromising laissez faire business climate were few and far between. Oh well. It looked great on a resume and I learned a lot.

    As far as this class goes, I’m looking forward to it. I took a finance course at Kelley, but I do believe there are a lot of interesting difference in finance between businesses and nonprofits – especially in terms of priorities. It will be nice to have the finances focussed on completing the task at hand instead of increasing quarterly profits.”

  6. dudeokay on

    you ever think about starting a blog, Smith? seriously, not kidding. we can then become blog buddies. it wouldn’t be gay at all.

  7. Smith on

    It would be gay, but not any gayer than usual.

    I’m actually not allowed to have a blog while I work at the State House. I’m tickled pink that you think I should though.

  8. Anonymous on

    email me you bastard!

  9. Lang on

    Figured you’d enjoy this political advertising hilarity:

  10. Legit on

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