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    Have you ever tried to place a value on an intangible item? I was thinking about how much workplace independence is worth to me. Christ. What’s the current market value for anything? How much is my tolerance for a commute worth? How about my desire to see a mediocre movie? My dignity? Probably 500 on the dignity question. Yeah. I could buy a lot of stuff with 500 bones.

    If someone offered you a certain amount of money, for let’s say basically the exact same job and situation, but they were going to increase your wages by $3,000 or $5,000 or $10,000 or… It really doesn’t matter, because the question is, what would your number be? Would you have a number? I mean, fuck, I’d have a number. I’m not a monk. I’m an American. But. You have to relinquish the normal, independent and carefree stable 9-5 situation. You’ve been lucky. You’re the 10% outlying asshole who fucks up all the accurate surveys we read; the surveys that only confirm reality for the rest of the poor bastards out there. Bosses suck. Co-Workers suck. Work sucks. BUT FEAR NOT MY CHILDREN! For I have seen the lazy Paradise, and it is good. Where the Bosses are nice, the co-workers cool and the work is… not-as-sucky. But of course, having the American ambition inherent in most, you desire more. Or, at least, you desire something different.

    I guess we really never place a value on such things until someone actually does it for us. They offer and then we are forced to appraise it. We accept or we refuse. If you accept, you know that intangible item is worth at least that amount, but maybe less. One of my favorite concepts of economics is that every action has a value, and a cost. Doing it you are forfeiting other beneficial opportunities you value. Swimming is fun but you could have been hiking. That value is decided by you. This is why an economist will always tell you nothing is free. This also means you can theoretically place a monetary value on everything. If I asked a vegetarian to eat a steak, how much would it cost? How much is vegetarianism worth to him; how much are his principles up for sale? Maybe he has no price. Ha.

    I wish I had a legitimate job offer to actually make this comment/question have relevance, but sadly that is not the case. But let me dream.

  2. Lang on


    hahahahahahahahahahahahha. Ok I’m done.

    Btw, you should check out ‘The Slammin’ Salmon’, that flick I discovered while surfing Wikipedia at the office a few years ago.

    It lives up to the hype, and it has the guy from the Green Mile as an ex-boxer who owns that seafood restaurant, and is referred to as ‘the champ’. It does pwn I must say.

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