took a dump and died

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my Xbox 360 stopped working.
I know, man. it is a big deal. I went to put in a ‘Doctor Who’ dvd, and then it tried to read the disc, and then … nothing. the little prompt on the screen read “open tray.”
open tray? I just closed that shit!
you know, I get the feeling my next couple of weekends are gonna be busy. so this weekend, I thought: if I have the free time, I’m going to finish ‘Bioshock.’ I mean, over the past two months, I’ve slowly hacked my way through that game at irregular intervals. and now I just have to return it to the guy who loaned it to me, because I don’t got the money to get that thing serviced. I … don’t know if I’m gonna trash it? should I trash it?
pro: if I give up my video game system would make me, dare I say, an adult. and temporarily unable to watch ‘Doctor Who’ on dvd. so it would also make me less of a nerd.
con: but video games and ‘Doctor Who’ are fucking sweet!
truly, a decision for the ages.  

“the U.S. Census is in full, Census, mode.”
— John McLaughlin voiceover on today’s show.

I got my coffee here, and the sunday Washington Post, and I’m watching ‘The McLaughlin Group.’ I am now your sixty-year-old father.
‘The McLaughlin Group’ is a fascinating dinosaur of this media age. which is just a superflous way of saying I find it quaint. it is of another time, and it’s unintentionally funny, but I don’t mean that in a snobby culture-critic way. no: it was unintentionally funny when its production wasn’t dated as well, back in the early 80s. it s because John McLaughlin is crazy. and the show he has spawned is proof of that.

on today’s show, Pat Buchanan immediately reaffirms that he is as terrifying in his stupidity as he was when he worked for the Nixon White House, and the world would probably lie in smoldering ruin if he were running it. to begin the discussion, he takes huge exception to the administration saying something about wanting to avoid using a nuclear weapon at all costs, a talking point said in the sea of statements from the administration about its nuclear policy as Barack Obama signs an arms reduction treaty with Russia. I don’t even know what the exact quote was, but that doesn’t matter. the news items on this show don’t matter as much as what the the pundits will say in response to them.
with that in stated, Buchanan instead argues passionately for peace through superior firepower.
Monica Crowley — who is credited as being from the nearly defunct and never-read Washington Times — speaks like she practiced being ‘forceful’ in her bathroom mirror, declares that we are dangerously tipping our military hand.
Eleanor Clift says something pandering to the White House, and glowers at Crowley.
and Mort Zuckerman; who edits the rarely-read U.S. News And World Report; and who is less crazy than Buchanan but nearly as old, he points out: “this isn’t going to change Iran’s policy at all.”
which is of serious note. and renders moot any argument in favor of keeping of thousands of nuclear weapons on hand. how many nuclear weapons do we need to set off before you aren’t just fighting over a post-apocalyptic wasteland?
all of this is done while these four ancient crackers and a weirdly attractive Crowley talk over each other. it is asinine. it is obstinately stupid. it is ‘The McLaughlin Group.’


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  1. Smith on

    I think it’s more adult of you to keep the 360 and ditch cable; unless missing out on the McLaughlin Group is too great a burden to bear.

  2. dudeokay on

    stop making fun of the McLaughlin Group, it demands your respect.

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