the fun machine

holy shit, the entire Polish delegation on their way to a memorial service in Russia died in a plane crash. including the president, and the military chief, and the state’s central bank director. that’s like Obama, Bernanke, and Mike Mullen all at once, only Polish. 
the memorial was to mark the anniversary of the Katyn Massacre — the first time that the Russians were going to join them in honoring it, or something like that. first the Soviet Union denied killing a bunch of Polish POWs during WWII. then they didn’t. then they acknowledged wrongdoing. then, fine, they’ll show up to services honoring the dead. something like that. a diplomatic gesture, that means a lot to a nation’s wounded feelings. 
the emotional state of a nation is a weird concept to comprehend. it doesn’t really compute when you try to personify a state’s foreign relations, but you gotta think that there’s some sort of cosmic force at play when the president of Poland’s plane crashes and burns during a trip to Russia to commemorate the mass murder of his countrymen by the Soviets. stars have aligned. there is bad karma in Eastern Europe.